Friday, September 26, 2014

So much going on but so little time

So the opening at Westbeth was really fantastic and thank you so much to everyone who came out! It certainly was a real honor to be chosen by Xico Greenwald and to show with so many artists that I have admired for so many many years. The show will be up for until October 4th at Westbeth so if you're in the neighborhood please come by.

I will be on the panel at the closing of Yearning Upwards at the Painting Center on Saturday September 27th. It should be interesting as we'll be talking about so many different aspects of painting. There is also an insightful interview by Brett Baker on The Painter's Table with the curator and artist Emily Berger. I get a nice mention in it by him and am very honored by his comments:

"In his catalogue essay for Yearning Upwards, Neil Plotkin makes a case that painting a tree is akin to riffing on a jazz standard in that the “standard offers the opportunity to consider a familiar subject from a different point of view.” His observation made me realize how much the selection of a novel subject has become the dominant standard of originality in the last half century. Subject matter often matters more than its interpretation in contemporary art, but this show demonstrates the opposite can be true."

Please read the entire interview and if you're interested the essay as well.

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